#PeersGiving runs till the end of this year, with the goal of raising $20,000 for our youth leaders.  To get there, we need all the help we can get--we need you!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund our two youth-led conferences: Transformative Change Day, where high school leaders share their research and plans for action in our community; and the Youth Are Resources Conference, where 200 middle school students lead workshops on the ethics topics of their choice. Both are critical opportunities for youth to take center stage, make their voices heard, and work together and create change.

For 38 years Peer Resources has empowered young people to find their purpose while supporting their peers in a hard and imperfect world that pushes too many people down. Support youth to lead. Give today, share tomorrow, spread the word.


$21,388 RAISED

$20,000 GOAL

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This campaign has ended.
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